What I Want To Do

I hope to share with the world my love of music, spirituality and creativity because it brings me joy to do so. Sharing my works helps inspire me everyday and reminds me that life is a blessing and its what we share with others and the world that ultimately determines success in this life.

Through my works I hope to develop a new sound in my spiritual music. I also hope my attempts can bring awareness to the great mystics of the past who have bequeathed to us the depths of their spiritual exploration and the potential of the human being. It is through these mystics that I have begun the journey of  finding myself, trying to loose this sense of ‘I’ and the bouts of  ecstasy I sometimes experience. Baba Nanak Ji, Kabir Ji, Namdev Ji, Meerabai Ji, Bulleh Shah Ji, Sheik Fareed Ji and Lord Buddha Ji is whose company I often keep. I hope to share this company with you too.

I hope to also share the message of universalness that we are all part of and show that we all wear this mask that society makes us wear from birth. And hopefully I can bring awareness at least to the fact that we all wear masks and maybe someday we can even shed the masks.