Guru Nanak Found


The moment where Guru Nanak Ji appears after being missing for 3 days in the River Bein.
The stories say that most of the village had lost hope and resigned that Guru Nanak was lost forever. Only his dear sister, Bebe Nanaki held that he was still alive and will be returning. And so it was in the early morning that Guru Nanak appeared suddenly from the River Bein walking towards the river-bank.
In this recreation of that scene, a simple water-color, I show Guru Nanak appearing majestic, his sister in deep longing rush towards him without care of the river and his dear friend Bhai Mardana shocked and in awe of what his eyes behold. In the background I show a Stag in the background, an element foreign to the lands of India, more of an allusion to divinity from where Guru Nanak has returned from as a fragment of the divine, alive and ready to spread his love and message to all humanity.
I hope this simple recreation speaks to you of hope, of love and the divine message of Guru Nanak Ji.

Blessings & Love,
Mystik Kaur

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