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Mitar Pyare Nu

I humbly present Mitar Pyare Nu. I have sung this blessed writing of Guru Gobind Singh Ji numerous times in my life in different compositions, so this time I decided to compose the music myself to something I felt conveyed the feeling of this writing at a time when Guru Gobind Singh Ji had to endure the most tragic circumstances.   In this video my team and I enacted the devotee's search for her Guru in the forest of Machhiwara. Waheguru!

Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin (feat. Perica Vrhovac)

I am honored to present a cover of one my all time favorite Bollywood songs, Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin which was sung by Sonu Nigam in the movie Agneepath. Glad to have collaborated with Perica once again for this as his masterful Piano really brought out the soul of this piece.

Tu Dana Tu Bina

Tu Dana Tu Bina Mai Bichar Kya Kari as written by Bhagat Namdev Ji in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. I am humbled to present this Sikh devotional kirtan. This track features 6 musicians from over 4 countries from 3 different faiths all coming together to make beautiful devotional music. In addition to this shabad we also have included the very recognizable Dohra of Guru Gobind Singh Ji sung during Ardaas as our own Ardaas.

Mohe Rang Do Laal (Cover by Mystik Kaur)

Here is my first cover song, Mohe Rang Do Laal. Check it out

Dhan Guru Nanak by Mystik Kaur (Video)

Here it is, the music video of Dhan Guru Nanak! Be sure to also check out the animation within , somewhere in the middle where we do a short rap in English and also a story!

Dhan Guru Nanak by Mystik Kaur (released November 2019)

Here is my labour of love for Dhan Guru Nanak. Worked on this for over 3 months and am happy to share this with you :)

Upcoming Release: Dhan Guru Nanak

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Music Video of The Cha Song

So this is my first ever music video. Hope you like it. Had so much fun doing this.


Music Production: JDE Music

Punjabi Lyrics: Karamjit Bhatti

Vocals: Je Suis Henri & Mystik Kaur

Video Production: NNS Studios

Creative Direction: Mystik Music Studio

The Cha Song (released October 2019)

The Cha Song , this one is for fun. A song about perhaps the most popular drink in the whole world. I was stunned that there were just a handful of songs about Cha that is a central part of every Indian's life irrespective of which part of India you are from or where in the world you are.

So how I got inspired to do this song was on a normal Sunday afternoon during Cha Time, songs were randomly playing on my phone playlist and a very popular song from a few years ago played, 'Manak E's Hor Glassy'. As I was humming the tune I was thinking why almost every Punjabi song out there tends to nowadays be either about Lamborginis, drinking alcohol and promoting thug life and about the standard girl-boy romance theme. I wanted to do a song that was in neither of those typical categories and that too about Cha!

So I started experimenting with some lyrics about Cha first in English then in Punjabi. However the limits of my Punjabi soon became obvious and after many days I decided to ask a close friend Karamjit Bhatti for some help to bolster the Punjabi lyrics. And boy did he bolster it! Soon with some tweaks after bouncing this with my manager and music producer we had the lyrics and we started building our own music while still having some subtle allusions to Manak E's masterpiece of Hor Glassy for all those Punjabi music lover to reminisce the good ol days. But somehow something was still missing, and then came the cherry on top to add a folk spin to it which my team and I came up with using the ubiquitous 'Peche Peche Aunda' Punjabi boli and having my colleague Je Suis Henri to do the English rap while I focused on the Punjabi parts and the music with my producer.

And of course we didn't stop there, we had to also add a unique dance in our video to get listeners of the track doing a special Cha dance wherever they are in the world. So we present to you the #ChaFloss , check out the YouTube video for details :)

So after 3 months of working on the music and video, I am happy to share with you my new single, "The Cha Song", enjoy and enjoy that cup of Cha. AJ CHA PEEN NU JI KARDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Man Na Digey

Man Na Digey (Released Sept 2019)

This is my first public track I am releasing after a long hiatus. And I wanted this this to be a devotion piece to give thanks to God, Waheguru, and also dedicate this to all the servants of humanity that serve the needy in various capacities everyday. This track is based on the writings of Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and it talks about how we shouldn't lower our consciousness despite whatever circumstances might be.

Hope you enjoy it.
Blessings & Love to you:

Mystik Kaur

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Music Video: Man Na Digey

For my first public release I chose to sing this divine writing of Saint Kabeer Ji (as written in Guru Granth Sahib Ji) which talks about how to never let your consciousness fall despite the challenges life may throw at you and also remember your divinity and your divine origin for strength.

While creating the music for this song I couldn't help feel that this needs to be about the recent Saints of the day, the Humanitarians, those that fight for climate change and those that risk their lives to serve those in dire need. Hence for my first music video I have dedicated the whole video to those heroes of mine whose lives and words I have taken refuge in. They include Bhagat Puran Singh of Pingalwara, the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, Sadhguru and the nameless humanitarians we see only images of.  I hope you find a deep resonance in this track, its divine lyrics and the video and may it feel you with positivity, hope and kindness so that you may impart this to those around you. Blessings & Love to You: Mystik Kaur

Lyrics:   Bhagat Kabeer Ji (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji)

Vocals: Mystik Kaur

Music Production: DEEP Music Studio

Piano: Perica Vrhovac

Backup Vocals: Colombes

Electric Guitar: Chris Campbell (Chrisgotsoul)

Video Production: Dulani Rathnasundara

Creative Direction: MYSTIK MUSIC STUDIO