Varun Rao

Gifted composer and producer. He has a long resume of working in esteemed studios and on sound of popular Bollywood movies and TV shows.

Perica Vrhovac

Maestro pianist and music producer hailing from Europe. I have had the distinct honour of working with this genius of a musician now for around 3 of my tracks.

Mohammad Joub

An amazing violinist who specializes in playing middle eastern styles. I featured his work extensively in my track Tu Dana Tu Bina

JDE Strings

This reclusive guitarist is as mysterious as it comes. A gifted guitarist who I am honoured to work with but wishes to remain anonymous. His work has been intermixed with some of my tracks.

Satnam Singh

A maestro of the Rebab. He is one my music teachers who taught me the musical system of the Sikh traditional musical system. I have taken a lot of guidance from his with regard to the understanding of Raagas and moods in music. I am honoured to have sung with him for my track Tu Dana Tu Bina.