Uplifting Kids Project - A project for our kids



Inspiring our children to be better human beings

Sikhi Based


Project rooted in the teachings of Sikhi

Bigger Minded Kids

Mystik Kaur Kids

To nurture kids to  be more open minded and compassionate

The Sing-A-Long Series

The Mool Mantar (Ek Onkar) lyric video. In this video we get your child singing along to the Mool Mantar in a simple and very catchy tune

The Content Im Putting Up

I am collaborating with friends to put up sing-a-longs , nursery rhymes and stories. Most of these will have either a Sikhi base or a universal uplifting message. 

These are aimed to inspire kids to be in closer vibration with God, their true selves and be the best version of themselves all the time.