Mystik Kaur Dhan Guru Nanak

About My Music

Mystik Kaur is a singer-songwriter who has been producing music and music videos in Pop, Bollywood, Indian classical and devotional genres. She spent about 20 years learning music through the Indian classical system, released numerous classical vocal pieces and won numerous awards throughout the years. In 2019 has decided be public about her music under the stage-name 'Mystik Kaur'.

My Music has continued to evolve as I grow. I started with Indian classical and devotional singing in my younger years. Then I spent 20 years learning the arts of Indian classical music systems (Hindustani) and fell in love with Raagas, taals and different singing styles. In recent years I have also been learning the intricacies of the Carnatic musical system.

Despite my classical training the music of today sung by great artiste like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigam appeal greatly to me. Now I bring what I have practiced and learned over the years in a modern sound which has deep grounding in the different Indian classical music systems, in an almost east meets west fusion. I will no longer hold back. I will not let musical rules, expectations of what classical music is supposed to sound like and expectation from restrain me. I will put to my voice the current music of the world and to the music that springs forth in my heart and raises my spirits. 

I hope that my inspiration will lead a new generation of artists, musicians, storytellers, healers and creatives of every sort to come forth and share their art and allow art to freely flow in whatever form the world needs it to be today.

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